Friday, August 26, 2016

Poodle Party: Poodle Tutorial Part 2, Left-facing Poodle

On Tuesday, I gave a tutorial on how to make a right-facing poodle. And now we'll go into how to make a left-facing poodle so they can touch noses.  Because there are a lot of flip triangles in this block, a lot of the building blocks will be different. However, all of the fabric requirements and cutting instructions for the background, dark and light fabric are the same. Also, the first tutorial provides more detailed step-by-step instructions. So you will want to work through that tutorial first.

And here's the poodle that we're making today.

We start with the ear, tail poof and the leg poofs. In the first tutorial, this was referred to as the dark fabric. (This time it's a bit lighter in value than the "light" fabric, but Molly said I could go ahead and be reckless.) The sewing for these parts are the same except for the ear. Because the poodle is facing left, the white flip triangle is on the upper right hand corner.

Here are the ear and poofs after they have been sewn, ironed and trimmed.

Here are the pieces for the main part of the poodle. Again, since it is facing left, the muzzle is the far left 2.75 inch square.

Here are the main body parts showing where the flip triangles go and the direction of the sewing. The black square in the upper left hand corner of the muzzle is the nose.

Here are the main body parts after they have been sewn, ironed and trimmed.

These are the background sections that sit right above poodle's back and that sit right below his belly.

Here are the background sections after they have been sewn, ironed and trimmed.

As you can see, I got a bit ahead of myself. These are the white background border pieces where I have already sewn on the flip triangles/strip piece, ironed them and trimmed them as needed.

And finally,  here are the extra pieces. On the far left is the eye. Next to it is a strip that gets sewn to the front of the ear. To the right of that is a background piece with a flip triangle--this goes with the poodle's tail. And on the bottom row is a pair of strips that will be used for the poodle's front leg.

Now that the building blocks are completed, the poodle will go together lickety-split. Sew the seams together where you see the pink arrows.

And now there are five seams to sew.

Okay, two more seams.

And this is the last step with four seams where you will be sewing border sections to the main body. Starting with the tail section, work around the poodle in a clockwise direction.

And now your right-facing poodle has a left-facing friend.


Cathy said...

My husband's brothers love their poodles. A poodle quilt may need to go on my list for next year.... Thanks for doing those tutorials!!

Frances Meredith said...

Another tutorial with no cat photos in .....

Cathy said...


MissPat said...

I'm fascinated by how you come up with these wonderful designs. Thank you for sharing your excellent tutorials.

Sue SA said...

So sweet. How are the cats holding up after the invasion of poodles?

Debbi said...

This is such a cute block! Thanks so much for your generosity in sharing your patterns, I want to meet one of each at least! Now I see where the piglet quilt I saw all over quilt shows came originated.