Friday, August 19, 2016

Dear Jane B13 and C13

This is Dear Jane block B13 or Four Corner Press.

And it occurred to me that I should mention this great Dear Jane ruler. It is particularly handy for the way I make blocks. For example, I oversize the borders a bit, and then trim the block down using the ruler. This means I don't have to worry about the crazy distortion you can get from sewing, handling and ironing thin strips. And if they get off kilter, the diagonal lines are very helpful.

And this is Dear Jane block C13 or Lakota Sioux.

Many of us have shown how we store our scraps and fabric stash. But I thought I should also show you how I store my quilting supervisor. She gets cranky if I put the lid on, but draping fabric over her is appreciated.


Cathy said...

Your Lakota Sioux block is really nice - one of my favorites, in fact. I love how careful Molly is to tuck her paws in correctly. A foldable cat - who’da thunk?

Frances Meredith said...

In anticipation of starting this project, I bought the rulers, but have yet to use them as I have relied heavily on the EQSoftware.
Ps: like the new profile photo.

gayle said...

That's an excellent ruler! I could have used that last year when I was making all those little Ohio stars.
Does Buddy have a bin, too, or do all the bins belong to Molly?