Thursday, August 11, 2016

Dear Jane F1 and F2

Here's Dear Jane F1 or Big Top. And yes, I went ahead and used paper piecing to put this one together. Each wedge was assembled using paper piecing. Then I removed the paper and assembled the pieces like a Kaleidoscope block.

And this is Dear Jane F2 or Kaleidoscope. For this I made a long strip of background and blue vine fabric sewn together. From that I cut kaleidoscope wedges. Next, a square on the diagonal is cut out of the two color kaleidoscope. Then I bordered it with the light background fabric to fill out the square. Last but not least, I appliqued the four triangles...a bit of wobble to counteract the precision in the middle of the block. Jane Stickle gets the last laugh.

And here's Molly protesting the Pets on Quilt event. Yes, the folded Kitten Quilt is one of her favorite napping spots so it qualifies for a Cat on a Cat Quilt double header. But Molly noted that the prizes are quilting related and not cat toy related so she is not interested. Also, Buddy had the nerve to go into her tunnel to chase a toy.

And Buddy is not happy because he is finally taking his afternoon nap out in the open. In fact, he finally figured out how to get to the tippy top of the shelves behind the design wall...Molly's favorite afternoon hangout. And now Molly doesn't sleep there anymore.

Plus, I took a mouse toy away from him just as it was turning from boring cat toy to exciting potential intestinal blockage. And even worse, he grabbed a piece of paper I had in my hand and ran off with it...and I didn't chase him. What fun is that? I just hope tomorrow he has forgotten all of his puppy disappointments.


Frances Meredith said...

There seems to be 'trouble at mill' as they say. Keeping Pets on Quilts low key this year to keep Suzi unawares for any prizewinning shots.
Agree JS has a sense of humour, especially regarding applique.

gayle said...

That Buddy sure is a good climber for a dog.
And Molly looks like a shoo-in for Passive Aggressive Poster Girl 2016.
(Good luck with Jane. Looks like she had a real mean streak...)

Cathy said...

I agree with Gayle; Jane Stickle had a real dark side. And it appears that Buddy the dog is blooming these days. Poor Molly, having to share her tunnel, toys and sleeping spot. A diva just can’t get no respect these days....