Monday, August 22, 2016

Oodles of Poodles

Another day, another poodle. The block finishes to 13.5 inches square and it is built on a .75 inch grid.

The good news is that I figured out a way to organize the construction and I took plenty of pictures as I made this poodle, using the organized method. Okay, I did sew a triangle to the wrong corner along the way, but with the miracles of Photoshop, I expect to pretend it never happened.

And although there are a lot of moving parts, this block does come together quickly and doesn't require a ton of precision.

And Miss Poodle had a major surgery today. I had cut some of her pieces too large and she turned into a waffle poodle. But now she is better aligned with the universe. Which means I expect to pull together and post the tutorial tomorrow. 

And yes, I have to acknowledge the real force in the sewing room. Today we had a rather long philosophical argument. Molly thinks that she should pull the thread out of the sewing machine in order to prevent me from making mistakes. I say that is what a seam ripper is for. Molly thinks it is more efficient to just make the mistake while there is no thread in the machine and omit the seam ripper step. I'll leave it to you to pick sides.

And here is Molly giving her dog brother Buddy a bath. Although a lot of the time this activity resembles fighting.


  1. I've found that if I don't keep my seam ripper busy, it just gets into mischief. I once caught it trying to take the hem out of my jeans when I wasn't looking...