Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Dear Jane G5 and C4

This is Dear Jane G5 or Poof.

And speaking of Poof, Molly is busy training her puppy Buddy. Molly knocks the Dear Jane blocks off of the design wall, then Buddy pounces on them, rips the freezer paper label from block and runs out of the room with the label.

This is Dear Jane C4 or Tic Tac Toe. I spend a lot of time looking through the Dear Jane book trying to figure out which label to match with which block. I saw this block and thought it would be interesting to make. Except now that I'm looking at it, I realize I need to adjust the top right seam. And so I guess its obvious that I didn't use paper piecing for this block either.


  1. Loving Poof. Tic tac toe is still to come. 1st Anniversary report tomorrow.

  2. Super colours again, Poof I just love with the use of fussy cutting.

  3. Snazzy poof! TicTacToe looks like it might have involved a bit of cussing. Or is that just me?
    What a wonderful cat Molly is, to take time out of her busy schedule and volunteer for puppy training!