Monday, October 17, 2016

Dear Jane E11 and E12

Here is Dear Jane block E11 or Wagon Wheel. This was all very simple applique although I now have to carefully cut away the layers. I applied the circle of background fabric on top of the green fabric. And then I applied the rounded star on top of the circle. No fussy melon pieces for me. Then I prepared another circle of background fabric around a mylar circle, cut it in four and applied those to the corner.

And this is Dear Jane block E12 or Mary Ruth's Corset. I assume the corset is the small pieces in the middle. Here I just used old timey strip piecing techniques. I sewed three strips together...turquoise surrounded on each side by the background fabric. I then cut four three patch strips from that strip. These I sewed together so they were offset on the diagonal. This was then trimmed and surrounded by two strips of turquoise fabric to complete the center square. Then I made the flying geese using flip triangles. All easy techniques to make a complex looking favorite.

So now I have 23 more Dear Jane blocks to make...that is, I'm 86 percent finished with the blocks. At that point I'll make a plan for the border.


  1. I love your ingenuity in piecing these little puzzlers! (How's the alternate universe Jane coming, btw? Those were some of my favorite blocks!)

  2. Yikes these blocks are tricky, well done on your methods to make them "easier"!

  3. Not too far to go now, can't wait to see this quilt!

  4. Wagon Wheel looks like apple pie (you know, with apples sliced crosswise then dotted with cinnamon candies). Or maybe just kiwi pie. Oh no.... your lovely blocks are making me hungry. That's not a good sign.