Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dear Jane I6 and K6

Here is Dear Jane block I6 or Viewer's Choice. For reasons I don't understand, the original was created as a four patch with a seam down the middle. I thought I would take advantage of the Kaffe fabric instead.

And this is Dear Jane block K6 or Ann's Folly. It was also my folly because my first version had the stripes reversed with green in the middle. It may end up in the alternative universe pile. At this point, however, I have thirteen more Dear Jane blocks to go.

While I languish with the same project, Molly has moved on to new hobbies. As you can see behind her, I relented and unpinned the Dear Jane sections and she happily brought them to the floor where they apparently belong. And as you can see in front of her, she is now clearing fabric off of the cutting table.


  1. So I have a "kitty" named Scampy Babe who is a "relative" of Molly I think. Scampy can not leave blocks on the design wall. She pulls them down willy-nilly. I wish she would put them back up as she thinks they should go. But alas, when I come home from work at night, they are still laying on the floor, and she greets me with a "who me?" look on her face :-)

  2. And your blog is a highlight of my day :-)

  3. Gee, I wish I had a kitty who would clear the fabric off my cutting table. Oh, wait...

  4. I manage to keep Suzi away from the design wall by not having one!