Friday, October 21, 2016

More Dear Jane Progress

Here is Dear Jane block L12 or Sally's Pride. In many of the Dear Jane blocks I have been sneaking in some applique to avoid difficult piecing. In this case, I used some easy piecing to avoid difficult applique. According to the Dear Jane book, the tiny triangles in the border are appliqued.

I, of course, use flip triangles wherever I can...those are the squares you sew on the diagonal and then iron the flap over. In this case I used 1.5 inch squares. I then trimmed them down to the tiny size (plus the seam allowance).

And this is Dear Jane block K9 or Scout's Honor.

And this is what the first six rows of the Dear Jane quilt look like. I have started to sew the blocks together in sections of nine (and twelve at the end of the row). This way I can have the blocks up on the design wall. When a naughty cat knocks them off the design wall, there are only eight sections to pick up. And just to be mean, I have these sections pinned. Molly was dangling from the wall trying desperately to get them to fall, to no avail.

Here's Molly plotting revenge. Oh, and I have no reason to believe that Molly was behind the internet hacking today. She says she didn't do it and I am taking her at her word.


  1. Two lovely blocks! I’m surprised you didn’t do Sally’s Pride earlier. Hopefully, Molly is just planning a Dear Jane Alternate block called Molly’s Revenge.....

  2. Dear Jane is looking stunning! But I think you need to sneak a cat block in there somewhere...

  3. Love the Janes!
    I'm sure Molly is telling the truth, but she may be covering for her brother...

  4. Wow, what a beauty Sally! Quilt and photo of Molly - even though she has a slightly malevolent look in her eye!!