Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bow Tie Quilt Fails Inspection

Yay! The Bow Tie quilt is bound and finished.

Uh oh!

I think its too late for an inspection.

The inspector disagrees.

And Molly wins. The score is Molly 1.

Quilt 0. Well, you do get to see the front, back and binding. Plus you can see some of the Dear Jane debris as well.

And here's Molly waiting for her trophy presentation.


  1. This is sooooooo cute. Love the purple binding. Good pictures of the fur baby : )

  2. Smitty likes the quilt. He would wear any one of the bow ties.

  3. Ah, but did she stick the landing?
    Well, I love the quilt more than Molly does, apparently. That purple binding is the perfect touch!

  4. Did she help fix up the Dear Jane blocks after her trip up the design wall?

  5. oh my heck. The inspector continues quality control while looking like a model. LeeAnna