Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sewing Room Hidden Views

I'm sorry to have misled anyone into thinking that my fabric hoard was gone just because the house is up for sale. Through the magic of real estate photography, one only needs to take the view of the room that gives a sense of the space. So the view you saw shows from the design wall forward. The cutting table was moved up against the design wall out of view.

And some baskets are sticking out or are pushed in according to Molly's wishes. She likes to settle in behind the baskets or she likes to take scenic tours along the front. Whenever I go to the baskets of fabric, she is right there to supervise.

And here is the area behind the design wall. The boards sticking out allow Buddy to get to the top of the shelving where he naps. Molly still climbs the design wall to get to the top, but uses the boards to get down. I will soon get back to sewing once I finish the house prep and settle into house viewing mode.


  1. Phew!! I was so worried about you and the kitties having no pretties in your lives...

  2. I wondered is all your fabric had been transported - a "beam me up "sort of situation!