Sunday, October 9, 2016

Bits and pieces

Here is Dear Jane block G9 or Mary's Journey.

And here's a seahorse that didn't make it to the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge. Yesterday I made six right facing seahorses to match five of the orange seahorses I made earlier in the year. This fellow adds a yellow seahorse to the left facing group.

Here are the two yellow seahorses meeting each other for the first time.

And along the way I made some more bow ties.

Luckily I looked up and saw Molly in her hiding pose. Always good for a laugh.

And here's Buddy.


  1. Thank you for my morning cat photo fix.

  2. Do you ever sleep? Love your blocks. :-)

  3. Does Buddy always have that "What? Who, me?" look on his face, or is he just scared of pretty golden seahorses?