Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dear Jane F9, Bow Ties and Naughty

Here is Dear Jane block F9 or Autumn Aster.

And here is the baby bow tie quilt layered and machine quilted. I just simply outlined the bow tie blocks in the ditch and then went along the diagonal.

Some of you have suggested that Molly hasn't been keeping up with her supervisory role. Well, let me tell you that she went beyond supervisor and straight to NAUGHTY. In fact, if you have kittens or impressionable young cats, do not let them see the next photos.

This is not helpful.

This is not helpful either. And just to make my point, Molly is now making yowling noises as she carries the possum toy from room to room. Yes, Buddy's dog toy. Poor Buddy does not know what to make of this.


  1. Poor Buddy. Have you tried giving him barking lessons? That might confuse Molly enough to make her drop the possum...

  2. I think Leila may be a distant relative of Molly - I'm sure Buddy is an angel!

  3. I bet it's hard on you when Molly looks so cute while she's naughty. It's a fact that a melting heart interferes with discipline.

  4. I just love the Dear Jane block, especially the colours in the fabrics. The baby quilt is stunning, again it is the mix of fabrics and colours I love. And I have never been a fan of 1930's prints, but this looks great. I think the stitch in the ditch quilting was a good decision. Happy binding!

  5. I love that you used Kaffe Fasset for your Dear Jane-totally different twist on this quilt. what kind of quilters would we be without our kitties! They don't need instructions on how to be "helpful"!