Sunday, October 30, 2016

One 4 by 4 block section

Here's the lower right hand corner of the Dear Jane quilt (following the book). If the quilt is turned so the basket is right side up, then this will be the lower left hand corner. My design wall is losing its support braces so this section looks a lot more distorted than it really is. I just hope I'm there taking a photo when the whole thing crashes down. I also hope Molly's medical bills aren't too expensive.

And Buddy says Hi!


  1. The blocks are pretty! And kitty looks cute too ♥

  2. The look on Molly's face will be priceless... (And she'll totally try to pull off that "I meant to do that" look, too.)
    Hi, Buddy!

  3. It looks great - your colors are so pretty!