Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Yet More Dear Jane.

Is Molly guarding the sewing machine or huddling next to it to stay warm? You're right. She's waiting for her brother to come charging back into the room so she can give chase.

 Here is Dear Jane block I8 or Pete's Paintbox. I am now laying out small sections of the quilt and filling in the holes. During the first part of making the quilt top, I just picked fabrics according to my mood. But now I'm being more careful so I don't have areas with a concentration of one color or value.

Here is the next door neighbor Dear Jane block I9 or Chase a Myth. I thought I could build this block up like an improv medallion, but I was sadly mistaken. What looks like flying geese are really some other species. So yes, I resorted to paper piecing for parts of this.

And here is Dear Jane block J8 or Anna's Anchor. From the looks of this one, the ship has met with some rough seas and is on a tilt.

In case you are counting, I have nine more blocks to go.


  1. Well done, only 9 to go, I am so impressed. Even more impressed if those naughty puddy cats are going to let you lay the blocks out AND leave them alone on the design wall...good luck with that!

  2. Challenging little puzzles, these blocks! I especially like Pete's Paintbox, which has an intriguing 'are we there yet no keep going' vibe...