Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Remnant blocks

Today I rummaged through the remnant basket. My local quilt guild is collecting small doll quilts for the fire department. These are given to children along with a stuffed animal. Remnant blocks should give me a bit of a head start on a finished small quilt.

Some are single blocks that were the end of the line for a pattern, while others are extras that didn't make it into a quilt top. I gave up on this dog because he was too much of a blockhead, and the mouth was too fussy.

This was my start on the Gwennie-inspired Medallion challenge. I only completed the center. I used two kittens and I built a basket around them.

These are extra blocks left over from a quilt top.

I think this block was one of Angela's sampler blocks for the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge. It's a card trick block surrounded by a star.


  1. Our guild does this too. At the meeting this Friday, we're having our doll quilt show. Then the quilts and toys are given to a local organization that helps families transition from homelessness to self sufficiency for their holiday "sibling store." I'm looking forward to the show. You've got a great start on your quilts!

  2. I think your kittens-in-a-basket block is adorable!
    (And Molly didn't even have to make me say that!)

  3. Would love to see how you incorporate your blocks into small quilts.

  4. Oh I like each one better and better. Love that card trick star. Have fun sewing for the kids.

  5. Great potentialmthere. Love the cats (of course) and the card trick block. Please share how these end up.

  6. A great use for blocks from the parts department!