Sunday, October 15, 2017

Busy Day

I finished machine quilting the baby quilt. This is the back.

The strips down the middle will be the binding.

And I did find more of the Manhattan Modern fabric by Bernartex. These were companion fabrics to the main line which were large asterisk-like flowers.

And yes, I get to have all the fun, while Molly takes on the hardest task--washing the dog.


  1. Nice to see you are quilting away. Those binding strips are great.

    Fabulous kitty pic.

  2. All those bright happy colors are making my heart palpitate!
    (It's probably best not to tell Molly about washing machines. Buddy might not be pre-shrunk...)

  3. I think it’s so cute when our cats do the mutual bathing thing. Bruce just tells them to get a room.... Those fabrics are just to die for. Benartex is a highly underrated (IMHO) company...