Monday, October 23, 2017


I showed a small doll quilt yesterday made from the remnants from this quilt. However, this quilt was also made from the sense that I started making blocks for a quilt that didn't work out as I planned, so like a squirrel, I buried the blocks for years. One day I uncovered them and made this quilt.

Which reminds me, a squirrel stopped by today and mentioned that it is the dog that had a short attention span, especially with a squirrel in view. He mentioned that squirrels are very industrious and have incredible focus. Molly was up napping on top of the fabric shelving, yelled SQUIRREL! and ran to the window.

Later, Molly helped me take a picture of the quilt top. This design wall has many layers so she got stuck between the flannel and the felt. On a second attempt, she ran up behind the quilt top and here she is assessing her performance.


  1. Molly is still fuming at the Swiss judge, who only gave her a 9.8 rather than a perfect 10 like the other judges...

  2. ...but did she stick her landing? Cute squares quilt!

  3. Love all the colors in that quilt.