Saturday, December 23, 2017

Coming Home to Roost

Here is the last group of right facing speedy chickens. My chicken coop will be complete once the seven left facing chickens hatch. While we wait, you may want to see the end of year activities at the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge.

And given its the eve of Christmas eve, maybe we should discuss naughty and nice before Santa arrives. Molly demonstrates the fine gradations between naughty and nice. Here is naughty in its brewing stage as she stares at the speedy chickens up on the design wall. She is considering what is the best way to bring them sailing to the floor.

In theory, this could be considered "nice" Molly who has decided not to climb the design wall. But is this being nice or lazy? Actually, Molly seems to have the typical expression of a criminal who finally spots the surveillance camera. 


  1. She could just be waiting for someone to leave so those chickens can become her meal!

  2. ROFL!!! Oh, the on-going saga of Molly and the speedy chickens... She just wants to see if they can FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. There is a certain amount of "uh-oh" in that last picture...
    Speaking of cats and chickens and irrational attacks, I once had a cat who despised the little chicken magnets I had on my refrigerator door. He didn't even notice any of the other magnets, but those chickens drove him nuts. He'd crouch at the other end of the kitchen, staring at them while his tail lashed, then launch himself to race over and leap to knock them down. Seriously, little chickens hardly an inch and a half tall. I kept moving them higher and higher until I was afraid he'd hurt himself. I finally had to put them ON TOP of the fridge...
    Which doesn't help with Molly's battle with your chickens, but whoda thunk cats and chickens were so fraught?

  4. Can't wait to see your chicken quilt top all done - what will poor Molly find on the design wall next?

  5. Very fun cluckers! Oh well, at least your little criminal decided it was the right thing to not ignore the camera. Have a very Merry Christmas.