Sunday, December 31, 2017

Chickens: Molly's version

Here is Molly's recommendation for the chicken layout. She didn't understand the suggestion to add a rooster who would only eat all the chicken feed, make too much noise and fuss, and never produce a single egg.

This is what the quilt layout looks like with a useless rooster.

And here is Molly and her pony looking out for the new year.


  1. Well, they call it chicken scratch so Molly took care of the itch.

  2. Happy New Year! Is Buddy the cat/dog/pony/rooster that much bigger than Molly, or is it a trick of perspective?

  3. Molly does seem to prefer the more modern layouts, doesn't she? Was she muttering things like 'negative space' and 'non-parallel'?
    Buddy the Pony really does look like he's towering over her...