Friday, December 8, 2017

More speedy chickens

Here's another foxy chicken. I have made enough of these now to have developed a rhythm to make them. Although I'm sure many of you would not like to have chicken combs and beaks piled up next to your sewing machine.

And here are the four chickens I made today. I also made some IKEA furniture. As expected, Molly was there to carefully supervise. In particular, she likes to demonstrate the reasons that bags and stray bits have large warning signs on them. Sometimes she even runs off with things to show her brother.


  1. I don’t know.... chicken beaks and combs are near the top of my Christmas list. But if I had a bazillion of them, I’m sure my chickens still wouldn’t be as awesome as yours!

  2. Shhhh don't tell les girls, but I'm making chicken soup today for's snowing here and very cold...your chickens would never go into soup--they are too beautiful hugs, Julierose

  3. Chicken combs and beaks are better than feet, as long as we're piling...
    How nice that Molly wants to include Buddy in her construction project!