Saturday, December 16, 2017

More chickens

In my last chicken accounting I was planning on making 81 chickens for a 9 by 9 chicken coop. I have come to my senses and am going for a free range coop of 7 by 7 chickens. So happily, with these five new chickens, I only have nine more to make.

To witness accounting transform into quilts, visit the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge.

I had a problem with a jammed sewing machine this morning. After its service by "It's In the Bag" the needle jammed up in a massive thread knot somewhere above the bobbin. According to the technician, the sewing machine had been under a lot of tension and needed a massage. And yes, that's just technical jargon for pulling the sewing thread away from the machine and covering it with cat spit.


  1. I'm sure that liquored-up chicken had nothing to do with the thread knot.
    And cat spit will fix a surprising number of things. Well, according to my cat anyway...

  2. Sounds like you need to pass the service technician a tuna martini!!

  3. Ah, 49 sounds like a more reasonable number of chickens. But I’m sure loving the wacky variety you’re coming up with. And it’s well documented that cat spit is a magic elixir that has many handy uses. Darla uses it as a scalp conditioner on me sometimes.

  4. I'm enjoying seeing the variety of chickens - the purple one on the right is my favorite. Glad you get free technician services.

  5. Those are my kind of chickens!

    No cat spit here but the free range cats (I suspect my fav free ranger, Boogie, did it but no one has fessed up) left me a squirrel tail on the back steps yesterday. I thanked them kindly but explained that's not what I meant when I said I've been chasing squirrels.