Saturday, December 2, 2017

Winding Up

It's winding down time for the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge, although for me, it means winding up and sprinting because at this point I realize how many more blocks I need to make. And yes, I know we can continue into the new year, but I enjoy drumming up new projects. So its full steam ahead. First up, is the pinwheel garden. I have no golden/yellow pinwheels, so here are the new additions.

And here are another handful of spools.

From the parts department, I assembled a bento box doll quilt.

The doll quilt didn't last on the design wall for very long.

Tonight, the fire department is having a toy collection parade. I'm not too sure what this will be like, but they are driving by the house so I'm ready with toys. Molly is donating a stuffed cat (although she wanted to donate Buddy). Buddy is donating a stuffed dog. And I'm donating some toy trucks.


  1. I have always loved those pinwheel blocks! Yours are pretty in the gold and brown. How many do you think you'll need for a quilt?

  2. I got sidetracked several times throughout the year, so none of my RSC projects is anywhere near completion. I guess I need to either choose fewer blocks or figure out a way to combine them in one quilt. But there are always so many great projects other people keep showing that it's really hard not to jump right in.


  3. Best of luck on your finishing mission! I'm more of a "let's drag this on as long as possible" kind of RSC Quilter. I've got not one, but TWO projects that I will carry over! LOL

  4. I think it took me 3 years to complete a big quilt of little spools. It's a whole lot scrappier that way. Good luck on yours.

  5. Does Molly not like blue?
    I'm going to be dragging all my RSC projects for yet another year. Finish? What's that?

  6. I love the pinwheel block. I've made pinwheels but never assembled them that way and I love yours. Can you suggest a pattern directions for the bento box?

  7. So how was the parade? Buddy didn’t join the Fire Brigade, did he? And I think I’m going to have to do those pinwheel blocks. They mesmerize me every time I see yours. And it’s not like I have anything else going on....