Monday, January 1, 2018

Ringo block

Here is a Ringo block for Bonnie Hunter's Ringo Lake mystery quilt. She had her reveal today and I'm thinking that I will officially make this a UFO. I realize that a lot of people take the new year to activate UFOs, but this is the time of year when I like to take some projects offline.

Molly wants to put Buddy offline, but this isn't an option for cats, dogs or ponies.

Today I also worked on the face detail for the Dandy Lions. This is just a simple outline inside the face and quilting around the nose.


  1. Love your On Ringo Lake block! This will make a wonderful quilt!

  2. Your Ringo block is beautiful.

  3. I’ve taken projects offline before. Then when I brought a few of them back online, they went back into the scrap bins. Sometimes you just lose the mood. Love your lions, however.

  4. I was left a little dizzy by how fast those last clues came out! Haven't been able to have a sewing day yet, so uncertain what I'll do. I like the quilt, but I'm way behind on other stuff I want to work on. We'll see when I get a chance to get anywhere near my sewing machine...
    I've loved those dandy lions right along - looking forward to the final quilt!

  5. Well, your Ringo Block is lovely whether it’s online or offline. And I’m glad the dancing lions are getting some added quilting pizzaz, since it was so lacking before (*dripping sarcasm*). BTW, what kind of dance do the do? Lion Dancing, of course!