Sunday, January 14, 2018


Here's the block from yesterday remade with Kaffe fabrics so it will fit better into Jane Stickle's Alternative Universe. And since then, I remembered the quick way to make the three piece triangles (also featured prominently in On Ringo Lake), so this is now an easy block.

I also caught up on the 365 day challenge. When I made the Dear Jane quilt using Kaffe fabrics, I had the same experience of the pattern drastically changing and throwing the block off. For example, in the bottom block, the light in the right most strip looks quite different from the other three strips. And oddly, I don't notice it until I am working with the photograph. But no worries. I expect them to all play well together in the end.

Meanwhile, it's just better to let sleeping ponies lie.


  1. Love all that Kaffey goodness!
    When Buddy has his arms together like that, it makes a heart. What a sweet pony!

  2. That is an interesting challenge. I'm looking forward to seeing the modern version.