Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Rainbow Chickens

Yesterday I announced that I was going to put the chickens away to give them a rest because I couldn't come up with a layout I liked. So today, I made two red chickens.

And yes, you've seen them before. Sort of. If you looked at them through a mirror.

A rainbow layout will help reduce the chaos. Although this usually requires a very specific number of blocks of a certain color. Or making a lot more blocks.

This is the concept for the chickens except that the chickens will face inward instead of outward like the snowball fish. Molly says Yum!


  1. You could do a Colonel Sanders Block in the middle and have the chickens racing away from him.... aaaand with that, I’d better head off to bed before Molly scratches me.

  2. Col Sanders???? Love it, Cathy!!!!

  3. I love that layout and those rainbow fish! And those meowy chickens, too!
    (How many more chickens will you have to make to complete the rainbow setting? Will Molly let Buddy help?)