Thursday, January 18, 2018

Lots of logs

Here are some of the log cabin blocks for Bonnie Hunter's Idaho Square Dance. I have a large bin of 1.5 inch strips that I have collected since the 1980s. I used to make a lot of log cabins, and so I got in the habit of keeping it full. Then when I was fostering kittens, the strips were a favorite playground. Now that I have a pile of these strips on my sewing table, Molly is having kitten flashbacks and is enjoying burrowing in them.

It's fun to see very old fabrics (remember Concord Multi?) mix with newer fabrics.

 This is Molly as a kitten sleeping in the strip pile.

And here's your "Where's Molly?" challenge.


  1. I love log cabins. I have this pattern. You are seriously tempting me!

  2. What a wonderful collection! Your blocks are just beautiful. Such a sweet photo of Molly.

  3. I love log cabins, too and yours are particularly inviting! I’ve searched and searched for Molly but cannot find her in the scraps. She’s a stealthy one!

  4. Well the "Where's Molly?" game didn't last long, but I've got another one for your blog visitors .... "Spot the Fabrics You Own or Used to Own" .... three so far but still looking.

  5. Log Cabins are my all time favorite block. I love all those blues. The eyes gave Molly away unless that was a fabric with a realistic cat design. ;-)