Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sunday Chicken

Here is the progress of the chicken coop. The next diagonal is purple. You may have noticed that there is a chicken up on tippy top. There is some agitation for a quilt that is 8 by 8 chickens instead of 7 by 7. I can't argue that there isn't enough fabric...

But I can argue that there is limited time. For example, here I have started Kathryn Kerr's Block a Day challenge.  Admittedly, this is about as far as I get each year. But this year I'm a bit more hopeful. I am using Kaffe fabric because its fun to work with and I don't have to plan ahead. The Kaffe collective fabric is designed with a cooperative palette. I just need to keep the values right.

And speaking of agitation...Molly thought this was a better inspirational photo than the one shown yesterday. I reminded her that she is usually looking down to see if the item she knocked to the ground hit her brother or shattered.


  1. When I was growing up in SoCal way back when, there was a place called Chicken Delight (“Don’t cook tonight - Call Chicken Delight!”) your chickens are definitely delightful! A block a day? For a year? Molly is obviously looking to the heavens for guidance, wondering where she went wrong with you!

  2. The more chickens the better! The flu is going around and we need chicken soup!

  3. Love your chickens and Kaffes.
    And Molly is the most photogenic of all the cats.