Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Clean up

Molly threatened to call the health department because she was worried about salmonella poisoning from the chickens buried on my sewing table. This meant I spent most of the day cleaning up the sewing room. I had finished all the four-patches for the Idaho Square Dance so the timing wasn't terrible. However, during the clean-up, I found these blocks under the batting scraps that Molly uses as her nesting spot. It reminded me that I had laid the scraps on top of the blocks to protect them from the sun.

This is what the sewing table looks like now. And the chicken project has been uncovered on the sewing table.

And now I can start the construction of the Idaho Square Dance quilt top. It's tipped on the diagonal so I'm starting at the right hand top corner and building it down.


  1. Oh, that cow with a green udder! (Grin)

  2. So many favorites here! (You just need a sheep and a piglet or two to be perfect!)

  3. Glad Molly didn't have to call in the health department. You might have been fined for keeping all these animals in your house.

  4. green uddered cow for all the tall grass she wades through! Didn't see the chickens, where did they duck an hide to?