Thursday, January 11, 2018

CAT-ch up

As usual, I have plenty of projects going at once. with a slight variation on the leader and ender concept. And here is the progress for the day:

Here are all the blocks I've made so far for Kathryn Kerr's 365 day challenge.

And here is the progress on the Ringo Lake Mystery by Bonnie Hunter. This looks impressive if you think I'm making a 3 by 3 block baby quilt. Instead I'm going for the 5 by 5 block size. I do think I have all the components I need so hopefully there will be no need to go back and make geese and the like.

And no day is complete without adding a couple of chickens to the coop.

Last but not least, I laid out the proposed purple chickens on the design floor. Molly sent her pony to complete the first run through. Her pony is getting quite full of himself and wants a lot of my time and attention. He is also working on an audible meow so he can pass as a cat. As if.


  1. First, I love the feathers on that bottom blue chicken!! Brilliant! Darla says audible meows are overrated and a waste of energy. She prefers to mime or whisper.

  2. Busy stuff. I have quilted two 365 quilts they look quite fun. Ringo Lake is looking like masterpiece.

  3. As if.
    I've heard that some ponies can purr, however. Watch out for *that* trick!