Monday, June 25, 2018

Another demented stage

Today I spent more time on the demented quilt and less on cleaning up the sewing room. We did have a huge management reorganization, however. Emboldened by positive remarks about her contribution to this blog, Molly is now the editor-in-chief for this blog and responsible for its content. Today we had our first editorial board meeting. I said this seems more like a cuddle, and Molly said, "Just a little more under the chin, please."

Despite the reorganization, I did get all the strip sets sewn and pressed. Since Molly was promoted, Buddy is now in charge of supervision. Unfortunately, he loves to be held and that informs his supervisory style. I did explain to him that I can't see past his massive head and my crushed spine is quite painful.

Next, I completed the section on the left. Either I made it too long, or I still have to add some to the right side.

Buddy is just the type of supervisor you might expect. This is him sleeping behind the design wall. The rest of the time he did the usual dog routine of asking every five minutes "Whatcha doing? Can I help? Is it time to eat? Is it time to play? Whatcha doing?"

And Molly stopped by to remind me that only her best poses can be included in this blog.


  1. Molly knows that it’s Tongue-out Tuesday

  2. I was just thinking that including that last photo might result in a note being added to your Permanent Record...

  3. Another layer of management?? I'm worried now that Buddy will be laid off. Once he's unemployed he'll have more time to "help" you, though :)