Tuesday, June 12, 2018

I-Spy Back is Back

Here is the I-spy quilt back after a bit of rearranging and a lot of sewing. I even added some new blocks because I couldn't stop myself.

Here are Molly and Buddy looking sweet. Quite an illusion. Molly has a new hobby where she climbs the clothes in the closet to get to the shelf above the hanger bar. I have been closing the closet to prevent this, but I apparently left the door slightly ajar. I heard crashing. She had knocked items off the top shelf down to the floor and trapped herself inside. Before I let her out, I reminded her that there are no vet visits for monkey hobbies or ingesting plastic and other stupid stuff. Happily, she is quite young and still has at least a couple of cat lives left.


  1. A reversible i-spy quilt is brilliant - your nephew will spend many happy hours looking at all the eye candy!

  2. I love the I Spy quilt. But then I also love Molly and Buddy ; they remind me of my two-Scampy & Shrimpy