Monday, July 2, 2018

Back at the sewing machine...

I'm still in an epic battle with chaos in the sewing room. I had spool bits as a leader and ender project. And with help from a klutzy pony and a cat studying gravity, these spool bits were spreading far and wide. So I got it rounded up enough to stuff the project in a box. (Yes, putting klutzy pony and scientist cat in a box might be a better choice.)

And here is my final stack of components needed for the demented garden quilt. Except oops, I'm missing 50! So now I have to cut some more strips. Yikes.

And here is the demented garden quilt parts so far. This is how it gets laid out. Except I will need three rows of sashing. One row goes where the arrows are. Another one is through the center medallion but will extend out the width of the quilt. Another row of sashing goes at the bottom. But first, back to component building.

And here is Buddy demonstrating his hunting technique. It's called...wait in your favorite place for hunting and wait for the laser mouse to come to you. In the morning, Buddy adds a step...trampling me until I get up and come play with him.


  1. I'm surprised you don't have hoof prints on you from all the pony trampling. Even without the help of various domestic animals, the sewing room gets chaotic when working with so many little pieces. I've got four(5?) projects going all at once and the piles are mixing and mingling, meaning each one gets pulled apart when looking for something, sigh.

  2. Buddy knows that patience is the key to good hunting. (Not to be mistaken for laziness, of course. He's definitely being ~patient~, no matter what Molly says.)
    I can't believe how far along you are with demented!

  3. cats DO LIKE BOXES! Maybe you should find some, cut a hole or two in the sides for them to reach out to you, and then they can play in there instead of treating your little blocks like leaves to ruffle?

  4. I too am in an epic battle with the chaos in the sewing room, but unfortunately I can't blame any ponies or cats. Just gravity. I can blame gravity.