Sunday, July 15, 2018

Moving On

With the dementor quilt finished, I can move on. I have a number of projects ready for assembly. These are the vintage butterfly blocks...I have made bright blocks and subdued ones. These are the subdued ones.

Meanwhile, I should admit that Molly has completely lost her mind. Here she is at her new post by the front door where she spends too much of her time yeowing to be let out. And yes, I have reminded her that she is an indoor cat and has not been outside since she was a free range kitten in Virginia. What is truly weird about this is that her "brother" will go run and hide at various times of day as a variety of threats pass by...including speeding trucks and multitudes of dog walkers.

My next task was to clear off the cutting table so I could layer the I-spy quilt. Molly and Buddy could sense the vacuum and quickly filled it. And please note, that Molly is roughly 2/3rds the size of her pony Buddy.

The I-spy quilt is reversible. I am layering the quilt in two steps. First, I sewed the front to the batting. This provides a grid for aligning the back. I start in the center and align the block intersections with the machine quilting intersections. I also make sure the seams of the quilt back line up with the grid.
This means the one row underneath is exactly aligned to match. I pin both sides right under the fold. Then I carefully flip the back to the right side. The one row that I'm pinning is aligned underneath and does not move when I flip the rest of the back over. I pin the one aligned row. Then I repeat row by row until I come to the end. Because I began in the middle, I next row by row to complete the other side.

This is a very simple and easy process until a beached whale washes up and slows my progress.


  1. Those photos pretty much sum up my quilting life also, though the names and shades of fur differ. The quilts look great and I'm glad you shared your method for matching up the two-sided quilt in case any of my future squirrels need such attention.

  2. Hahaha - "beached whales" will make me slow down too! I hate to move them. The vintage butterfly quilt is so pretty.

  3. We're still considering your request to board your pony. However, there is no ocean available here, and so if he is part whale, it will be unacceptable to both sides.

  4. That's the second fuzziest whale I've ever seen...

  5. Love your beached whale, aka, Buddy, Pony, etc.!!! Thanks for the tutorial as well for lining up front and back...