Wednesday, July 4, 2018


Bonnie Hunter has started her new Leader/Ender project and I played around with it a bit today to see if I wanted to join in. First, I'm going to use 1.5 inch/2.5 inch strips so my final blocks are 4 inches finished. This will let me use extra postage stamp scraps left over from my Rainbow Scrappy Challenge projects.

Also, I'm going to make these two blocks and alternate them to make the same pattern. And I'm making it all scrappy so I don't have to think too hard.

We interrupt this blog post to get Molly's reaction to my starting a new project.

And here is Buddy's reaction.

And yes, having a pony on the sewing table is a great recipe for project chaos.


  1. Let’s hope the enthusiasm for the project continues.

  2. I think you should frame that first photo of Buddy and hang it over your sewing machine. Or maybe I should...
    I'm eyeing Bonnie's new Leader/Ender challenge, too, but since I've already got the last three STILL ACTIVE, it might tear a hole in the space/time continuum. (I promise to be careful)

  3. It's so neat to see a 1630 in the background since that is what I normally use. Both cats are so photogenic!

  4. Gayle's comment made me laugh! I didn't know the space/time continuum might be threatened by too many simultaneous projects. I needed that laugh, and Buddy's goofy face this morning since we rushed our little kitty to the emergency vet last night. She's doing better today, but still at the vet and you know how stressful that is for everyone.

  5. Love these photos of Molly and Buddy - glorious!! You're brave starting on another project although having seen the pattern on Bonnie's site I think it's going to be a beauty.

  6. I have been eyeing BH newest Leader and Ender project, but I am like Gayle and have a couple already in the works. I do admit to wanting to join what everyone else is doing!! "Squirrel"!!