Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Look back

I did manage to machine sew one side of the binding to the I-spy quilt. But that's about it. So I thought I would look back to what I was doing a year ago. It's only been a year, but I've almost completely forgotten about our time in the apartment--our temporary way station. I remember I was so worried about Molly and Buddy, but they adapted better than I did. There was a group of kids that played right outside our unit...and Molly was fascinated. Buddy would sometimes have to go run and hide if they got too loud, but Molly just turned her ears back to buffer the sound and soaked it all in.

A year ago, Buddy looks downright tiny. He was probably still in his dog phase and had not grown into his pony phase yet. I have been slow to find Molly and Buddy a new vet.  And now I realize Buddy is probably going to need a larger carrier. He definitely would not be able to fit into the airline approved carrier anymore...and maybe that's been his strategy all along.