Monday, April 23, 2018


Here is the yellow squirrel after his jaw surgery.

And here are the I-spy blocks I made today.

I also spent some time hand quilting the plaid bunnies. However, my top priority was to finish machine quilting the Dandy Lions quilt. Unfortunately, this has become Molly's favorite napping spot. I have even covered it with white felt to protect the quilt from too much sunlight and cat fur.

I did notice that over at Cat Patches there are discussions of "negotiations" where the cat is always persuaded to move to a different location.

Here is Molly after our negotiations except you are missing the part where I am apologizing and promising not to disturb her again with my nonsense.

And Buddy wanted to retest the Barcalounger so he could review it and give it five stars. I asked him if he realized that Molly had set him up to use "Bark" in a sentence for more dog jokes. Then I asked him to get off of me because he was crushing my spine.


  1. Seeing the closeup of yellow squirrel, I love the fussy cutting of the eye. I have to tell you, I think yellow squirrel agrees with your cats.

  2. The cats at the Three Cats Ranch will trade their furry bodys for kitty treats. It makes negotiating with them something like being held for ransom.

  3. Buddy is looking very cat-like today, and extremely handsome. Maybe Molly uses ‘nip to enhance her negotiating skills?

  4. Sounds like me and my cat. Like Barbara, sometimes treats work. I am really enjoying seeing the different I-spy blocks.