Thursday, April 5, 2018

More I-spy blocks

Yes, sewing these i-spy blocks is addictive. And I really do like sewing partial seams.

Here are some blocks up close.
I found this flyer for Typhoon that I made after he was put up for adoption. This was during his puppy phase. I went to visit him but he was too scared and was hiding. I saw the notation "flyer" on  his cage. I thought it meant they needed a flyer to help his adoption, so I made this. It turns out that "Flyer" indicated that when given a chance Typhoon would escape from his cage and run away. Little did we suspect that he would grow up to be a horse.


  1. Wait...we only board ponies at the Three Cats horses allowed.

  2. The I Spy blocks are super cute. I do love your wonky setting for them. And your wonky catdogponyhorse, Typhoon Buddy, is super cute, too.

  3. Love the quilt and the photos of Buddy - previously known as Typhoon!

  4. I assume your horse calmed down once he found his forever home? What a little LOVE!