Thursday, April 19, 2018

I Spy Tormentor

Here's another handful of I-spy blocks.

And here's a bit of progress on the Tormentor quilt.

I have (for the most part) cut all of the rectangles I need--half with a light square and half with a dark square. Next they get sewn together along the long side with the squares at either end. Then each "four patch" is cut into two triangles. And finally, a triangle with a light square is sewn to a triangle with a dark square. And these are the base units for the Tormentor quilt.

Yes, I did consider making this with half square triangles, except that that method requires precision sewing...not a particular strength on mine. Using this strip piecing approach, I can keep my points neat despite a couple of furry distractions by the sewing machine.


  1. Holy cats! You're going to have your dementor done before I have even a dozen blocklets! Look at you go!