Monday, April 9, 2018

Patchwork Piles

Some time ago, Gayle enticed me into starting this dementor quilt, and I decided to use strip piecing instead of HSTs. I have become used to making quilts block by block for the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge. While processing all the base units together is probably more productive and consistent, I find it more tedious.

So I was quite happy to finish the slicing and dicing. For the next step, I will be sewing these rectangles together and then cutting them along the diagonal to get a square with wings.

Having Hoss (aka Buddy (aka Typhoon)) sprawled out on the cutting table was negative helpful.

I am making progress on the hand quilting for the plaid bunny quilt. Each of the bunnies is outlined with stitching and most of them details on the tail, arm, eye and ear. Only fourteen bunnies are waiting for their details.


  1. Buddy sure seems to be upping his cat game lately... And I do know exactly what you mean about one-at-a-time blocks vs. lots at once. I think I like the mass production method better, but both have their place. I'm keeping an eye on your demented quilt...and trying a little bit not to join in...

  2. Hmmmm don't know your host method of rectangle pieces. Would you please explain. Thanks.

    Hello Buddy.

  3. You're much further along into dementia, but then you have those two helpers to keep pushing you along. (My cat isn't even in the same building as my sewing room, so I can't keep up with you at all!)