Thursday, April 26, 2018

More surgery

For all the supervision I have to endure, there is no excuse for a serious error to be found at this late date. Please note that the 4th of July owl ate a bit too much at the picnic, and his body is a sharp edged rectangle. Time for surgery.

Now the owl has a nice trim body. And yes, while I am a big fan of flip triangles, sewing them in by hand is not much fun.

As I was sewing, Buddy came and did a great imitation of a beached whale. I prefer this to when he puts his front paws on me so I'll lift him up and hold him.

Molly is up on the top of the shelving towering over the riff-raff.


  1. He’s thinking how delicious those birds would be...if only.

  2. I hadn't quite realised how big a cat Buddy is until seeing him laying on the owls! Beautiful photo of him.

  3. It’s good to see that Buddy no longer runs from the camera. And with all due respect to catdogponywhales, he is but comic relief to Molly’s beauty.