Monday, April 30, 2018

More I-spy

Here is another handful of I-spy blocks. I'm almost out of the i-spy 3.5 inch squares, but still have quite a few of the rectangles that I cut into wedges. And I still enjoy piecing these blocks. So I may have to make a few lap size versions for donation quilts...but I don't think I will make them reversible.

I have finished machine quilting the Dandy Lions and have begun to machine quilt the Owls. I find I don't have enough strength to move the quilts easily because they are so heavy. And it doesn't help that Molly just stares at me and says "This is the slowest, dumbest ride ever."

It was also certainly an accident if a nosy cat found herself buried under the owl quilt.


  1. Molly made me giggle. Or you did. It's hard to tell.

  2. I love your I-spy blocks, especially the monkey!! Your posts are fun and funny to read. You either are witty by nature or spend a lot of time thinking about them.

  3. Tell Molly it may be a slow, dumb ride, but all species have their faults...

  4. I love how you added Levi’s name in the blocks. And with your quilts being both forts AND rides, Molly doesn’t know how lucky she is!