Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Look Back

Today I machine quilted on the Dandy Lions quilt so I don't have much to show. I thought I would look back and see what I was up to a year ago...and at this time last year we had an offer on our house in Virginia so there was more cleaning than usual.

And it was TWO years ago that I finished the binding for the Plaid Bunny quilt. I hadn't yet started the hand quilting.

And here's a blurry photo of Typhoon (then Buddy, now Hoss) from two years ago. He seems to be well into his puppy phase.

And yikes, if I go back THREE years, that was when I first put the Virginia house on the market. This is the sewing room all cleaned up for the real estate listing and showings. The house didn't sell that year, but the massive cleanup meant that I could foster kittens for the local shelter. I definitely had no plans to adopt cats because that would mean trying to move them across the country!

As for quilting, this was the year I was making the owl blocks for the RSC, and the color for April 2015 was purple. And now three years later, the owl quilt is the next quilt in line for machine quilting.


  1. Wish my sewing studio was as clean and tidy as yours is in the picture, even though it was three years ago.
    Re Buddy and Molly - even the best laid plans (not adopting any more kitties) go astray sometimes, but I bet you'e glad they did and you now have your furry friends!

  2. Do you always bind your quilts before hand quilting? And do you use a hoop for hand quilting?