Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Dementor panel

Here is one finished dementor panel...only fifteen more to go. My method of construction is a bit weird, but this was the only way I could construct this and preserve points. For this to work, I will have to add in a row of sashing strips following the flow of half square triangles, dark and light squares.

As a reminder, at this point I am cutting out triangles to make bat wings. Then a bat wing with a dark square is sewn to a bat wing with a light square. Those squares are my base units. Each section uses 56 of these to make a 7 by 8 panel. (The sample above is a 4 X 4 panel.)

The overall quilt called Garden Mosaic was designed by Free Spirit where they provide another construction.


  1. So is this the same as "Garden Mosaic" from Free Spirit ?

  2. Oh, you're way more organized than I am about this! I'm just fumbling along in my haphazard way. I expect Molly and Buddy will have worn out your completed quilt long before I even have a top! 8)
    (I'm hoping to get rolling on mine again soon - I need a dose of demented mojo, I think!)