Thursday, May 17, 2018

Fools for Spools

As I was making the speedy chickens, I used some of the excess chicken skin for spools. These are a bit brighter than most of the others. We'll see how well they all fit together. While spools make a good leader and ender project, I had too big a pile of loose bits and they were making a bit of a mess. So I'm moving the spools along and will use the Dementor quilt as my leader/ender project.

I also worked on sorting and stacking the flat folds of fabric for Molly's shelving unit.

She gave me a grade of C-.


  1. I like crispy chicken skin with anything. I think bright chicken skin goes with anything too.

    I'm not a leader/ender kind of girl but I do try to sew up a few little HSTs every day because I am demented; however I think I'm going to call my quilt Fractured Rainbows from now on. I'm suffering from the delusion that I'm not totally demented.

    That's a lot of flat folds!

  2. Molly is obviously a tough grader, but you might have scored higher if you’d made her a bed in there somewhere. Just sayin’.....

  3. Molly is too picky! I think your folding and sorting looks great :)

  4. I was doing spools, too, sorta kinda as a leader/ender. But I either did up all the ones I'd cut out or I buried the bits somewhere in the chaos of my demented. Either way, my spools have trickled off to nothing.
    Though after seeing yours...