Tuesday, May 15, 2018


We had a quilt guild meeting on Monday, so I picked up a small handful of scraps to use in the spool quilt. The spool on the top left is a good example of grabbing fabric I would never have in my stash...in this case horseshoes. There was just enough for the background. On the top right is an odd brown and orange paisley.

Meanwhile, I discovered one of the shelving units holding my stash was tilting. Its the one that Molly sleeps on. So I took all of the fabric off and reassembled it. Now I'm taking the opportunity to evaluate the stash as I'm putting it back. These are large hunks of at least a yard. Of the fabrics that no longer thrill, I'm saving a half yard and will give the rest to the guild. 

And here is the peony in the front yard that is blooming. I was surprised that it wasn't pink.

And here is a rhododendron that sits by the side of the house near the peony. Both of these are hidden from view unless you are going to the far side of the house.


  1. Garden is looking great! Love spools, I made a lap quilt with this block few years ago, its a great leaders and enders for tiny scraps.

  2. Such lovely flowers! I’ve been planting my flower pots and several new roses and flowering shrubs. My peony must’ve died last year. I didn’t realize it until today. I’ve been on a plant buying spree this spring, so will soon have poppies, coneflower, trumpet vine and lavender again.

  3. lol - I saw the fabrics in those spools and thought - whoa - that's not her usual fabric! And your description confirmed this! Although I think the purple flower in the bottom left is more your typical bright style :). And don't you think Buddy liked the idea of horseshoe fabric? I thought it was a nice homage to him...

  4. Fabrics that no longer thrill? How can that be? I actually think I have some of that horseshoe fabric in my cowboy fabric stash. Haven't been in that box in awhile since little cowpoke grandson has grown up and grown out of my novelty pirates and cowboys, etc. so not sure.

    Your season is a little ahead of mine. No Rhodie or herbaceous peony blooms yet; however I see today the tree peonies are in bloom.

  5. Sometimes it's good to go to the far side, of the house or the fabric one uses... surprises abound. In the quilt it makes it more interesting, don't you think?