Saturday, May 12, 2018

Kittens, Rose Edition

This is all of the pink I could muster today. I had a second jaunt across town to our quilt show where I was scheduled for a second demonstration of sew-in circles. If you would like more pink patchwork in your life, I suggest you pounce over to the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge.

I typically use the sew-in circle for animal eyes and lion faces. However, for the demonstration I went with the drunkard's path because its just a smaller four patch sew-in behind a larger four patch. And the seams make it easier to center.

For an example of using sew-in centers, see this post about two Dear Jane blocks. I use the Dale Fleming method for the six-minute circle which I explain here. The method as applied to owl eyes is discussed here.

But this sewing machine was the star of the demonstration. First, it made it clear to attendees that they shouldn't take anything I say seriously. For me, it was perfect because it let me sew in the circle, but I didn't have to take down one of my regular sewing machines. And this is relatively light so it was easy to pack and handle.

And while we're on the subject of naughty cats...dear sweet Molly was under the weather Friday morning and I was torn about whether I should cancel the demonstration at the quilt show and get her to the vet or see if she got a bit better.

While she wouldn't eat her breakfast, that morning she did chew a hole in my silicon sheet that I was going to use in the demonstration. That's when I reiterated to her that I will not take her to the vet for a gut obstruction given her love of chewing plastic and paper. I would be willing to set her up for brain surgery to rewire that part of her brain...or even remove her naughtymus, the part of the brain where naughty behavior originates.

Needless to say, she has rebounded and has made up for lost time in eating, cuddling and racing around the house in crazy mode.


  1. Your pink cats are cute! I am curious to know more about your sew-in circle technique, too. Did you cut a circle out of the larger four patch? How are the two attached? You would never know it isn't a traditional drunkard's path block!

  2. Did you explain your circle method on the blog once, many many moons ago? My brain (which probably also needs some retiring) seems to recall something like that. It likely flew in one ear and out the other without sticking. We’re relieved that Molly is feeling back to (her) normal. What, no pix of you and Barbara at your meet-up?

  3. Sorry to hear Miss Molly gave you some worries today. One of our cats did that once, on the day my mother was scheduled for surgery. Is it terrible to say I was torn about where I should be? :) All turned out well for both of them. We have a cat who loves to chew plastic and paper as well. It's a constant battle stay a step ahead of her and anticipate what she'll want to munch on next.

  4. I think Molly was just disgruntled that you were using HER sewing machine for the demo. How can she be creative when staff has run off with her tools?

  5. Nothing like the threat of brain surgery to bring you back to life!

  6. Sweet PINK kitty blocks for the RSC!! SEW glad to hear that your kitty is feeling better. SANS a trip to the vet!