Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Questions, questions, questions

Back in 2011, I designed and made a 8.5 by 11 inch quilt each week...almost all of them using fused batiks. I still use those 52 designs as a resource for my patchwork designs. The chameleons that I made yesterday, were my first attempt at that design. It takes a while to work out the kinks to each pattern,

The block I showed yesterday is 22 by 14 inches unfinished. It's quite large, but its built on a .75 inch grid. That means that the smallest piece...such as the eye...is made from a 1.25 inch square.

And now the seahorses are in rebellion. I only have five more to make to finish the blocks for that quilt...but I stopped because the tail is a bit fussy. After the chameleons, these will be easy! (The pattern for the seahorse is under the tutorial page on this blog).

There were also some questions on the pattern for the tilted i-spy blocks. The link to the instructions for this can also be found on the tutorial page.

Meanwhile, for those of you with blogs, you may be aware that the Blogger program is being redesigned. In addition to changing requirements for signing in to make comments, we are no longer getting comments in email. I'm not keen on corresponding through blogger, so I am using this post to clear up some of the questions I've had over the last few days. Once the email link is resolved, I'll go back to individual replies (unless you are a no reply comment, of course).

And to end on a cheery note, I'm sure many of you saw a video of Buddy and Molly that went viral over the weekend...well, although the resemblance is uncanny, that's not Buddy and Molly. Believe it or not! If you haven't enjoyed the video yet, here's the link: https://www.globalanimal.org/2016/08/09/ammo-the-dalmatian-invades-cats-space/


  1. What I have done about the lack of comment notification is to make a comment on my own blog post as soon as I publish it. In the comment area there is a little box labelled "Notify me". If you click that, any comments made later will be emailed to you. They won't have the email address of the person (ie everyone is now a "no-reply" commenter), but if it is someone you know you can forward a reply to them.

  2. Isn't it a nuisance the blogger fiasco!! I've gone back to embedded so at least I can respond to commenters.
    Your chameleons are fascinating!! I love the batiks you've used.

  3. The link goes to a cute dog/cat video but I missed the molly/buddy look-alikes. How can I get to the right place?

  4. regarding the sea horse tails, the ones going one direction end in half square triangles, the other direction in a square... does this indicate gender?