Friday, May 25, 2018

Green Stars Quilt Finish

The green star quilt is bound and finished. I'll be donating it to my local quilt guild's Comforting Quilts effort.

Molly thinks people would prefer to receive a kitten instead.

Here's Buddy peeking over the design wall.

And here's Buddy performing his duties as a tripping hazard.


  1. Take Two. Let’s see if Blogger/Google will deign to post this comment. Your green FS quilt turned out great! Love the kitty pix, especially Buddy the Tripping Hazard giving his best hungry alligator look.

  2. Congratulations on this lovely green finish, Sally! I'd be very hard pressed to choose between it and a kitten :)

  3. Yet another project from your vast trove that I want to add to my list. I guess I need to give up gardening and do more quilting, but then the deer would lose their salad bar.

  4. I love how the design changes before my eyes. Sometimes the green is in the foreground and sometimes the white.

  5. being quilt supervisor is a hard job, but some one has to do it.