Thursday, May 31, 2018

I-spy Block Party

I have lots of 4-patch i-spy blocks and singles to finally layout on the design wall. The first one I made did not benefit from Molly's help because she was not even a twinkle in her father's eye. This one, however, has her full attention from cutting table, to sewing machine, and to ironing board. She does not approve of my using the design wall so I am using lots of pins and toys to distract her. And now I see that I have made it too wide...I only need nine blocks across and eleven down.

Here, let me distract you with a rose in the backyard. This rose is confused because it was planted in among the azaleas in the back yard.

So let me distract you instead with a rose from the front yard.


  1. Beautiful roses. We gave up on roses early on. Bambi and his friends thought they were delicious. They stood out in the yard all night long, drinking margaritas and eating rose appetizers. It was annoyingly noisy.

  2. Your roses are lovely. I’m a rose lover (as were my grandfather and aunt, who both taught me) and have always had lots of them in my yards. But I’ve never had many pinks, and after seeing yours I’m wondering why. Will you be assembling the I Spy quilt in June?

  3. I am easily distracted. Lovely roses!

  4. Yes, thank you for the roses, they ARE lovely. Love the funny comment on deer drinking margaritas and munching rose appetizers in the front yard! Must have been quite the party!

  5. That first pink rose is absolutely perfect. Like Barbara, my roses have succumbed in the deer salad bar. Love this i-Spy version.