Monday, January 23, 2023

Moving On

 My sewing space was a bit of a mess, so I took some time today to file fabric and even straighten and rearrange the contents of some of the bins. Weirdly, at the bottom of one of the bins that holds quarter and half yards, there was this solo microspool. Huh? And it is made using fabric from a dress that my mother made me while I was in high school. 

I worked that spool into the mix as I was taking the newly found box of 2 by 2 blocks and turning them into 2 by 4 blocks. And because I don't have an obsessive bone in my body, I didn't look through all the blocks to avoid adding a duplicate. (Not all sentences in this paragraph are true.)

And I may have heard a neighbor passing by and commenting to their companion about the shelving units stranded in the middle of my living room. If he knew better, the passerby might have thought I should put the shelving units back behind the design wall in the sewing room, so Buddy could use it again as a sleeping nook.

(The design wall and shelving came down during the power outage when I decided it would be nice to have some heat in the house even if it was from the gas fireplace.) 

To finish off the organization of the sewing room, I began moving the scrap baskets to under the table in front of the picture window...the cats sleep on top of this table in their heated beds. Apparently I did not get the appropriate permit and the authorities put a stop to my progress.


gayle said...

Nope, we're not obsessive at all. Not us. Nope nope nope.

Susan said...

I bet Molly or Buddy put that spool at the bottom of that bin. Of course the other option would be it floated merrily in there on its own.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Those furry creatures look like they could endure some heat disruption. Heated beds, oh my, hope Rosie never finds out, She camps out in front of my gas Franklin stove these days.